Explore the universe through both eyes.

Analog Sky will restart its crowdfunding campaign as soon as possible. Sign up for the email list for updates and a video build of the Swift!

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Explore the real universe
through both eyes.

Analog Sky will restart its crowdfunding campaign as soon as possible. Sign up for the email list for updates and a video build of the Swift!

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6” Giant Space Binocular Kit

3d print your parts or use our print service

15 lbs/7kg Airline carry-on compatible

8” Giant Space Binoculars

Rugged construction for observatories and clubs

45 lbs/20kg, setup in seconds



Binocular vision changes everything.

With two eyepieces, you see breathtaking views of the universe in a whole new way. The Drifter is the first binocular telescope to make binocular vision fast and easy through its intuitive design features.



View with both eyes wide open and without strain. Observe longer, see more detail, explore freely.



In darkness, your amazing brain combines the light detected by each eye into one brighter, higher-contrast image.



Vision flaws like astigmatism can be neutralized when your brain combines all the sharpest details from two imperfect eyes.

The Brightest Wide Views

The Drifter binocular combines ultra-wide 30x views with the light-gathering ability of a 12-16” telescope. The Great Orion Nebula framed within the entire sword. The Lagoon Nebula and the Trifid Nebula together in one field. The Double Cluster and the Pleiades with room to spare. All with 100% original photons. Binoculars make these views possible—no other commercial telescope can provide these views through one eye, let alone two.


Electronic telescope:
Andromeda Galaxy core


Typical 8” telescope:
(Schmidt-Cassegrain with 25mm Plössl eyepiece)


Analog Sky Drifter rich field view:
Andromeda, M32, and M110 galaxies

"Supremely suited to scanning the sky in search of beautiful sights."
- Jerry Oltion, Sky and Telescope Magazine

Breakthrough Features

Magnetic Eyepiece Attachment

Magnetic eyepiece attachment makes eyepiece changes quick and easy. Eliminate thumbscrews, 2" to 1.25" adapters, and forget about undercuts. Repeatable collimation minimizes the need to adjust tertiary merging.

Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges make swapping 2" filters quick, easy, and secure. Change eyepieces without swapping filters. Indicator glow makes it easy to find the cartridge bay in the dark. Use your existing standard 2" filters.

2" Dual-Speed Focuser

2" eyepieces provide bigger, wider views. Dual-speed focuser knobs glow to help people find them at star parties.

Eye Spacing Adjustment (IPD)

Adjust to fit your eyes simply by pulling the eyepieces apart or pushing them together. Range from 58mm to 75mm covers virtually all adults and most kids.

Collapsible Struts

Portability and instant setup come together in the collapsible strut system. The UTA lowers into the mirror box for storage and transportation without assembly or disassembly of trusses or loose hardware.

OPTIONAL Embedded Dew Heaters

Embedded dew heaters for secondary mirrors, tertiary mirrors, and eyepieces keep mirrors pristine all night long. (Boundary layer fans provide heating and cooling for primary mirrors.)

"This is the future of telescope making."
- Mel Bartels


Dual 8" f/5 primary mirrors (GSO)

Enhanced aluminum secondary (2.6") and tertiary (1.8") mirrors (Antares)

2" dual-speed focusers

Under 50 pounds for OTA and pier

Machined aluminum or stainless steel components

Engineering-grade 3d-printed components

Custom adjustable-height lightweight pier

Four Kendrick Astro dew heaters (optional)

Two Noctua primary fans

Z-bolt laser spotter

Tracer LiFePO4 battery pack




What are original photons, anyhow?

Original photons are the ones that were emitted from a quasar two billion years ago, traveled 12,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles, bounced off a couple mirrors, and just now touched your eyes. Or the ones that left the Sun three hours ago, reflected off Saturn’s rings, and found you at the other end of your telescope. Original photons have made an unfathomable journey through space and time and they have deep truths and untold secrets to share with you. Have you wondered how much of your existence should be mediated through digital sensors and screens?

Home-brewed in Oregon, the world’s most innovative telescope making scene.

Nine months of clouds and three months of pristine dark skies answer the classic Ralph Waldo Emerson question: What to do if the stars should appear one night in a thousand years? Build telescopes.


Alpha prototype debut
at Oregon Star Party 2018


Beta prototype debut
at Oregon Star Party 2019

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