The Moon, Updated Focuser and Tertiary

I had an observing session last week where we got clouded out pretty quickly--however it was still a transcendent experience due to the fact that we were approaching first quarter of the Moon. I trained the Drifter on the Moon as it approached the horizon. An opaque cloud cut straight through the middle, its edges glowing with moonlight. It was the greatest view I've ever seen of the Moon. That night I saw many beautiful galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and planets, but nothing came even remotely close to that view of Luna.

The focuser and tertiary housing have been completely rebuilt from the ground up to improve issues found during testing:

All thumbscrews are gone; friction and magnets align and secure both eyepieces and filter cartridges.

All eyepieces receive a parfocalizing ring for perfect alignment on all three axes. This means there are no more 2-1.25" adapters to mess with.

Drawtube deformation should be both eliminated and neutralized.

Focus travel is increased.

Focuser can be dropped to its lowest position without interfering with the filter cartridge.

Filter cartridges no longer block any light between secondary and tertiary.

Tertiaries can be adjusted further on their mounts.

Version 1 was pure function, with zero effort at creating an aesthetic. With Version 2, this changes.

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