Focuser Hardware Arrived

So the focuser hardware delivery beat the printed parts due to printer problems. Good news is, the screws fit the inserts. The grub screws are tiny! I need to order an 0.9mm wrench for them. Interesting notes on part origins:

Bearing shafts: USA
Bearings: Japan
Grub screws: Taiwan
Heat Inserts: USA or Japan or Taiwan or Korea or Canada

We will see if I can eventually source all/most of these from USA.

Bearing shaft and bearing inner race ID are the same size, which is to say, they don’t go together by hand. Apparently the options are mechanical press (moderately expensive, large, and fiddly), heating the bearings (expensive to buy the purpose-built heater), or freezing the shafts (refrigerator may be sufficient). Guess which one I’m trying first!

Obviously bearing shaft insertion and alignment will require a jig. What’s better, designing and 3D printing a jig the perfect diameter and depth for the shaft, or winging it with an 1/8″ drill bit in a piece of wood? Am I (already) starting to need a drill press after all?

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