Siebert Optics

Analog Sky Drifter Prototype 1 Notes

So it’s been a while since I updated this blog. That’s because the Drifter prototype 1 was finished 8-12 months ahead of schedule, in time for Oregon Star Party (OSP) 2018. I was too busy building it to post any updates. Many thanks to Jerry Oltion for helping me out of three or four jambs,…

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First Focuser Prints

So! The first parts arrived. As someone who’s been doing graphic design for over 20 years, receiving my first 3d-printed parts completely recaptured the excitement of seeing my first 2d work coming off the press. Real things are real, which is why you get excited when you experience the original photons from Jupiter hitting your…

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34mm Siebert Optics Eyepieces

Today, the 34mm Siebert Optics eyepieces arrived in the mail. These are handmade by Harry Siebert in North Carolina. They are incredibly light, have a small diameter, and will display 3 degrees of sky in the Drifter. They are also produced and calibrated as a pair to ensure collimation. Beautiful! Tonight there was about one…

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