Markforged Onyx

Tertiary Housing Beta 1

Imagination. Reality. Here’s a completed tertiary housing. All the pieces connect well. The mirror mount works very well. The focuser works in the housing. The filter cartridges still need some tweaking. Using a screw for a friction fit doesn’t work since the cartridge just pops out from the pressure. However, using the screw in a…

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Functional Focuser

Lots of work over the last month even though there haven’t been any updates. The focuser now works. As you can see, the drive shaft of the GSO dual speed knob has been shortened so that the cap can fit flush to the drive block. (Thanks Jerry for lending me your vise.) Luckily this was…

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Focuser Updates

Updates have been made to the focuser based on the 3d prints. One unexpected change is the possibility of doing away with the bearing axles entirely. I placed the bearings in their slots on the drive block print, and even with tight tolerances they spin very freely when placed directly against the Onyx surface. I…

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