Analog Sky Drifter Prototype 1 Notes

So it’s been a while since I updated this blog. That’s because the Drifter prototype 1 was finished 8-12 months ahead of schedule, in time for Oregon Star Party (OSP) 2018. I was too busy building it to post any updates. Many thanks to Jerry Oltion for helping me out of three or four jambs,…

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Functional Focuser

Lots of work over the last month even though there haven’t been any updates. The focuser now works. As you can see, the drive shaft of the GSO dual speed knob has been shortened so that the cap can fit flush to the drive block. (Thanks Jerry for lending me your vise.) Luckily this was…

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Focuser Hardware Arrived

So the focuser hardware delivery beat the printed parts due to printer problems. Good news is, the screws fit the inserts. The grub screws are tiny! I need to order an 0.9mm wrench for them. Interesting notes on part origins: Bearing shafts: USA Bearings: Japan Grub screws: Taiwan Heat Inserts: USA or Japan or Taiwan…

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