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Drifter Dream Views #1: Lagoon & Trifid

Back in the 80’s they used to sell telescopes by surrounding a studio shot of the scopes with various full-color astrophotos of the objects you could see with each one. The implication–at least to my 8-year-old brain–was that these astrophotos represented the view through the eyepiece. Two objects from those ads stood out to me…

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Tertiary Mirror Mounting Jig

3D Printing can help us build things easier. Here’s a jig for mounting the tertiary mirror: The mirror sits flat, face down. Small slots hold 2mm shafts for spacing. The slots create a range of heights for the shafts so we don’t have to worry about the exact thickness of the mirror or creating a…

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Tertiary Housing Beta 1

Imagination. Reality. Here’s a completed tertiary housing. All the pieces connect well. The mirror mount works very well. The focuser works in the housing. The filter cartridges still need some tweaking. Using a screw for a friction fit doesn’t work since the cartridge just pops out from the pressure. However, using the screw in a…

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